Our Story

Our Story GRO-URBAN was born from a passion for gardening, an awareness of food security, and a desire to make growing your own food accessible, easy and even educational. Our seed squares are ideal for anyone wanting to grow ethically and organically. Prepared by hand, and made from Non-GMO seeds, handmade paper and recycled coffee grounds, GRO-URBAN seed squares make urban gardening user-friendly and fun.

Our Story GRO-URBAN came to life through founder Dewald Daniel’s inspiration for innovative and efficient ways of gardening with the lowest impact, maximum output and by employing organic practices. Dewald’s mission has remained consistent every step of the way, saying; “I want to educate and help others kick-start their food growing journey by planting and harvesting their greens and making it educational for kids and adults, and letting nature do the work for them”.

Now, let’s get Gro-ing!